Long Term Care Facility, Sidney BC

Resident Care

ACCOMMODATIONS: Each resident has their own private room complete with a two-piece washroom and a clothes closet. Furnishings include an adjustable bed (including linen), desk, night table and mirror. Residents may bring a chair that has a cleanable surface, dresser, television, radio, lamp, wall-hung picture or other items outlined in our guideline of acceptable articles (Resident Personal Effects and Furniture Policy). Bedding and linens are provided.

The third floor rooms are equipped with overhead lifts. A resident's physical needs determine which floor is best suited to ensure safe transfers.

A dining room, several lounge areas and an activity room are conveniently located for the residents use.

COSTS: The monthly accommodation rate is determined by the Island Health. Payment is due on the first of every month. It is recommended that each resident establish a Trust account to cover expenses such as hairdresser, bus outings, supper club, and supplies. This fund usually requires a monthly replenishment.

Pharmacy and medical services from outside service providers are invoiced directly to the resident.

ELIGIBILITY FOR LONG TERM CARE: Individuals with complex care needs, and who can no longer be cared for in their own home or another setting such as supported housing, assisted living or a group home, should contact: Community Care Services at 250-388-2273.

More information can be obtained from Island Health at http://www.viha.ca/hcc/residential/

NURSING SERVICES: 24-hour professional nursing care and supervision is provided in a protective supportive environment. Medications are administered by a licensed nurse. Trained nursing assistants provide personal assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, grooming and eating, as required.

MEDICAL SERVICES: Each resident must be under the care of a local physician prior to admission. A Medical Coordinator, who visits the Lodge on a weekly basis, provides medical advice regarding our residents to the nurses, administration and physicians.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: A multidisciplinary team of professionals comprised of the physician, pharmacist, nursing team, dietitian, social worker, activity coordinator, and music therapist provide resident care. Team members meet regularly and develop individualized care plans for each resident. The resident and family are encouraged to be involved in the care planning and are invited to participate in an annual care conference held to address changes in the resident`s health status and to review the care plan.

BATHING AND GROOMING: Specialized equipment is used to accommodate all levels of care. 

NUTRITION: All meals are prepared onsite and includes three meals a day plus between-meal snacks. Therapeutic diets are provided as ordered by the physician or registered dietitian. The main meal is served mid-day and the lighter meal is served in the evening.

The dining room on the main floor is for residents who can eat with minimal assistance. There is a dining area on each of the second and third floors for residents who require assistance and/or extra supervision while eating.

Guests can purchase meals at the Lodge so they can join a resident for a meal. To order a meal, contact the Dietary department at least 24 hours in advance at 250-656-0717, Extension #450.

MEDICATIONS: All medications, including over-the-counter drugs, naturopathic or homeopathic remedies, require a physician’s order and are supplied by the contracted pharmacy. These items will be retained and administered by our licensed nurses.

ALCOHOL: Consumption of alcoholic beverages requires a prescription from the resident’s physician, and all alcohol will be stored and administered by our licensed nurses.

Resident Guidelines

LOCAL PHYSICIAN: Residents must have an attending physician who is located on the Saanich Peninsula and who is willing to come to the Lodge whenever necessary.  If a new doctor is required, you must confirm that he or she has agreed to be the resident's attending physician prior to admission.

FALLS:  For the safety of the resident, items that can lead to falls are not allowed.  Slippers must be washable and have rubber soles and full backs.  Hip protectors may be recommended for residents who mobilize independently and are at risk of falls.  Rest Haven will provide a fall mat beside the bed of residents who attempt to get up at night without supervision.  All beds can be lowered to within 8" of the floor, thereby minimizing injury from falls.  Our walking program helps residents to maintain balance and strength. 

INFLUENZA: All residents are encouraged to receive a seasonal influenza vaccination.

During influenza season which typically goes from December through to March of the following year, non-immunized visitors are required to wear a mask while at the Lodge.  Should an outbreak occur, families will be called to suspend visitation until the residents are free of the illness.

Hand washing remains the first line and best defense against spreading viruses.  There are alcohol based cleansers at each entrance and throughout the building.

LEAVES OF ABSENCE: Arrangements are to be made with the Charge Nurse if you wish to take a resident off the premises.  If required, medications will be given so they can be administered on the correct schedule.  When the leave is for overnight or longer, arrangements are to be made at least 24 hours in advance. The cumulative resident absences for personal reasons  are limited to a total of 30 days in any calendar year unless otherwise approved by Island Health.

If a resident is transferred to an acute care hospital, their bed is held at Rest Haven for their return.

ROOM CHANGES: Residents are assigned a room appropriate for their needs when they are admitted.  However, if their physical condition declines, it may be necessary to move them to a room that is outfitted with an overhead lift.  This is to ensure safe transfers to the bed, chair and washroom.

SAFETY: All electrical items must be pre-approved by the Lodge.  Heat producing items such as electric blankets, heating pads, irons, hot plates and microwaves are not permitted.  Electric wheelchairs and scooters are also not permitted.

SECURITY: There is 24-hour surveillance in all public areas.  All exit doors are coded; however, we are not considered a 'locked' facility and therefore, are not able to accommodate people who are at risk for elopement.

SMOKING AND SCENTS: We are a non-smoking facility both inside the building and on the grounds.  Unscented personal products are encouraged due to allergy concerns.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS AND VALUABLES: We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings such as glasses, hearing aids, dentures, razor, walker, wheelchair, etc.  These items are to be engraved or labelled with the resident`s name.  Items of significant monetary value are not appropriate at the Lodge.

VISITING: Families and friends are welcome to visit at any reasonable hour.  Children and pre-approved pet visitors are always appreciated.